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  • Question 1: As an inexperienced untrained driver, how long will it take me to learn to drive?
    To match every specific individual learning needs/style of each student; our instructors carefully assess their entry-level and, using the progressive lesson approach, motivate them towards being a confident and licensed driver.
  • Question 2: What other driving skills can I learn after enrolling myself at Road Titans Driving School, Surrey?
    Our Driving School prepares students to be confident and practice defensive driving while on road. Our experienced and courteous instructors work to enhance and build your driving skills. Apart from all this, we even make sure you learn: • Basic controls of the vehicle • Preliminary inspection of the vehicle • Parking for every situation • Space cushion driving • Bad weather driving skills
  • Question 3: Can I drive alone with my letter ‘L’ or Learner’s License?
    Unfortunately, you cannot drive alone while you hold a learner’s license. You must be compulsorily accompanied by someone who is 25 years or older and holds a valid class five B.C. drivers licence.
  • Question 4: What to look for when choosing a driving school?
    Most of us choose our driving schools based on recommendations and online reviews, but there are various other important things to look for in a driving school: • Not merely teaching you just to pass the road test • Offering a variety of instructors who can accommodate your schedule. • Focusing on upgrading the skills and knowledge of even their instructors. • Not hiding any important details and offering progress reports to students
  • Question 5: While registering my child, do I need to use their information or my own?
    Whenever registering as a new student, most of the information needs to be theirs. We even advise parents to include their own contact information, such as phone number or email address, as well as the student's while registering. You may add a contact number for the student in case we are picking them up from school or home when there is no guardian present. Having a contact number for parents can prove helpful in case we need to discuss any changes in schedule.
  • Question 6: Why do I need to take driving lessons?
    Driving Lessons should not be viewed as a luxury, and more as a necessity. Our driving lessons will provide new drivers with the skills and confidence they will need in order to become a skilled driver, be it casual daily driving or choosing driving as a profession.
  • Question 7: If I have a driving licence from another country, can I transfer to get a full BC driver’s license?
    ICBC states that transferable licences can be accepted from the following countries: Canada, U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia, Netherlands, Swiss or United Kingdom, Austria and France.
  • Question 8: Are your vehicles inspected and insured as per driving school requirements and standards?
    Yes, every vehicle we use is insured to their maximum insurance and inspected yearly. In these tough times, we even encourage our students and instructors to wear masks and rubber gloves while taking driving lessons. We even sanitize every vehicle after it has been used by instructors to deliver their lessons to students.


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