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Driving Lessons & Courses in Surrey, BC

Driving Lessons in Surrey, BC

Driving Lessons Road Titans Driving School has been teaching drivers in the Surrey and the entire Greater Vancouver area, where our main is to help make our roads safer with in-depth classroom instruction and one-on-one on the road training. We pride ourselves on equipping our students with important safety and defensive driving habits, being aware of others and encouraging practice which increases the confidence of our graduating students will need to drive in the lower mainland.

Our team has specifically designed our courses and lessons which comprise of the best training methods and techniques to help you sharpen your skills as a driver in a gradually lesser time frame.

Are you ready to take your first leap towards driving? For us, your safety on road is very important. We try to keep the length of our driving lessons particularly shorter but ensure that you have exposure to top-quality training and benefit from our qualified and experienced instructors to help you master the skill of driving.

Our Courses

  • Class 1 License Course

    CLASS 1 License permits its holder to drive Truck and trailer, where the trailer is required to be equipped with air brakes.
    Class 1 License Course
  • Class 4 License Course

    CLASS 4 License holders are eligible to drive Taxis, ambulance, or a bus with a seating limit of not more than 24, not including the administrator.
    Class 4 License Course
  • Class 3 License Course

    CLASS 3 License can drive a single engine vehicle with at least three axles, an accessible engine vehicle with at least three axles towing a trailer with at least one axle where the trailer isn't furnished with air powered brakes, and.
    Class 3 License Course
  • Air Brakes Course

    The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) states that a compulsory 16-hour Air Brake Course needs be taken from an endorsed Driver Training office.
    Air Brakes Course
  • Class 5 License

    Our Class 5 driver training program centers around the skills and safety training you need to be protected and confident about while driving. something other than what's needed to clear your Road Test.
    Class 5 License
  • Class 7 license

    Are you thinking of simply learning how to drive, then you may want to begin with a Class 7 license.
    Class 7 license


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