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    Car and Truck Driving Lessons in Surrey, BC: How To Get Your License As Newcomer - Class 5, 4, 7, 1, 3 and air Breaks

    Driving Lessons in Surrey, BC: How To Get Your License As Newcomer

    Driving in Canada will be very different from driving in their home countries for many new immigrants. In exceptional cases, you may be able to quickly convert your domestic driver’s license into an international driving permit, allowing you to drive legally in Canada. In some cases, passing a portion of the Canadian driving exam is required before you can legally drive. If you live in British Columbia and want to drive, you must have a British Columbia driver’s license. If you are new to British Columbia, this article will explain how to obtain a driver’s license.

    Road Titans Driving School Surrey, as one of the best driving schools near me, has qualified instructors who can assist you in obtaining your driver’s license as an immigrant. Our accredited Surrey car driving lessons last 5-10 weeks and include hands-on instruction. Students learn about pre-trip inspection, coupling and uncoupling techniques, in-cab air brake systems, transmission, progressive shifting, steering components, yard work, and backup. Road Titans Driving School training courses cover defensive driving, log book maintenance, trip planning, hazardous product management, and motor carrier safety rules.

    Obtaining a Surrey Car and Truck driving license

    Foreign nationals from the United States, Austria, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, or Japan who are new to Canada and have been driving for more than two years are eligible to exchange their current driver’s license for a new one without passing a road test in British Columbia. In addition, you must pass the province’s knowledge and vision exams. If you have less than two years of car driving experience, Road Titans Driving instructors can help you exchange your international driver’s license for a full driver’s license.

    If you are new to Canada and do not have any kind of driver’s license, the standards and process will vary depending on your province. When you first start driving, you must take Road Titans’ driving lessons, and all provinces will require you to pass a knowledge exam and a vision test. The vision exam verifies that you can see clearly enough to be considered a safe driver, while the knowledge test assesses your understanding of traffic and road rules. If you wear glasses, you may use them throughout the vision exam.

    For example, the Graduated Licensing System, which takes at least 20 months to complete, is required in British Columbia for you to obtain your driver’s license. Before you can apply for and take the final exam for your full license class 5, you must first successfully complete testing for a learner’s license class 7N. Before you can get your license, you must pass your written knowledge and vision tests.

    During the Class 7 license, drivers must:

    Convert Your Present License To A Canadian And Worldwide License. 

    If you’re a new driver, you could already be an experienced driver with a driver’s license from your home country. If this is the case, you should be aware of some critical information regarding driving in Canada and converting your current license to a Canadian one. To begin, most provinces and territories only permit new residents with valid driver’s licenses from other states, provinces, or countries to use those licenses for 60 to 90 days. However, if you intend to continue driving in your province or territory after the 60- to 90-day period, most provincial and territorial regulations require you to obtain a valid Canadian driver’s license from the Ministry of Transportation. Other immigrants who came from countries not on the list above must show a current foreign driver’s license, pass a written and vision test on their province or territory’s traffic laws, pay all fees due, and provide acceptable identification to obtain a Canadian license.

    You should be aware that in the majority of Canadian provinces and territories, you can only apply for a starting license if you are a new resident and have less than 12 months of driving experience. If you have been driving for more than 12 months, you may be eligible to take the road test without having to complete the required first-step waiting period. You must have car insurance if you own or operate a car after receiving your Canadian driver’s license. Unfortunately, ignoring your international experience when applying for auto insurance may result in higher rates.

    However, if you drive safely, your insurance costs can be reduced for each year you drive in Canada. Make contact with various auto insurance providers to determine which one can offer you the best deal. Contact Road Titans Driving School right now for more information on 604-345-0094 & 604-781-0669!


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